NanoWrimo Has Taken Over My Life

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

Yes, I know – I was supposed to give you a run-down on my recommended horror titles from all the movies I watched in October. Well, that’s going to have to wait. You see, I am deep, deep into the Nanowrimo challenge, and I can think of little else in my free time.

What is Nanowrimo, you may ask? Well, every November crazed writers take on the challenge of writing 50,000 words during this 30-day month. Which also contains a major holiday. Which will entail some travel (for me personally).

Some years back I attempted this challenge but gave up quite early. I didn’t have the sense of community that I do now. For instance, I went to my local Nanowrimo kick-off meeting and received a key hand-out containing the number of words I should strive to get down on paper every day of November in order to meet that 50,000-word goal. This way, I know how behind I am – like, always. There’s also a Nanowrimo website where I can input the number of words I’ve written so far, and it is creating a handy graph of my productivity for November. And if I feel the need, there are write-in’s, gatherings of writers who are all working toward that same wondrous word-count goal.



I’ve never been a very prolific writer. I have managed to write hundreds of pages on a project I’ve been working on, but it’s been a sloooow process. I’ve never pushed myself this hard before – usually, if I manage to write two pages in a day, I clap myself on the back and stop. But now I know that I can produce page after page after page. No, not all of these words I’m setting on paper are golden, but I may just finally have that first draft of my book I’ve been working on so long. Or at the very least, most of it. And that, my friends, will be sweet, sweet victory, no matter how many words I ultimately produce.


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  1. Amen to that, Sister! I’m rooting for you to reach 50K….and maybe, just maybe, that first draft in hand! 🙂

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