Horror Movies Coda: Films You May Not Have Heard Of (But Are Good Nonetheless)

So I survived National Novel Writing Month. I still have to craft an ending to my manuscript – I didn’t get to 50,000 words mainly because that darn ending is vexing me a bit. But anyway – I did get to 46k and change! Which is an achievement for me.

Waaaay back in October I went on a saga of watching horror movies, mainly trying to see ones I hadn’t seen before. And in so doing, I saw some gems I wanted to be sure to share, even though it is now December, and not officially a horror season. Please pardon my intrusion into the holiday atmosphere that may be enfolding you, but if you’re a horror fan, chances are you will enjoy one of these movies.

Lovely Molly

Lovely Molly

“Lovely Molly” is the story of Molly, a young woman who’s just gotten married. The happy couple move into the house where Molly grew up, since both her parents are dead. The movie makes it clear that these are not well-off people – Molly’s husband is a truck driver, and she cleans at a shopping mall. This makes the reasoning behind their decision to move into the rather large old house, which is full of bad memories for Molly, easier to accept. Soon Molly is receiving visits from dearly departed dad, and not only that – she’s blacking out, unable to account for segments of time. This movie is in my favorite category of horror – it’s creepy as all-get-out. Molly’s battle to hold onto her sanity will have you clutching a loved one for comfort (as I did watching this movie, when I pulled my dog onto my lap).

Midnight Son

Midnight Son

“Midnight Son” is a low-budget horror, like “Lovely Molly.” This movie is a take on vampirism. I know,  I can hear the groans from here. But trust me, “Midnight Son” takes an interesting tack. Jacob is just a normal guy as far as he knows, but he starts having all kinds of medical symptoms for which doctors can’t give a satisfactory explanation. Like the fact that he can’t derive much sustenance from food anymore, or that sunlight literally burns him. Because Jacob is literally starving, in his desperation he stumbles upon the fact that blood curbs his growling stomach. Does this mean that he’s a vampire? Jacob’s struggle is a compelling journey – not precisely horrific, but certainly no less compelling for that.



Next up is a unique movie, “Excision.” AnnaLynne McCord, a veteran of the recent 902010 reboot, stars as a high school social outcast who takes a certain pride in her strangeness. She wants to be a doctor someday, and perhaps that might explain her dreams and visions that are rather…unusual. Or perhaps not. Like another recent horror, “The Woman,” there’s an interesting exploration here of burgeoning female sexuality. “Excision” certainly has a take on it that you haven’t seen before, and there’s a huge cast of well-known actors to add to the appeal – Traci Lords, Malcolm McDowell, John Waters, Marlee Matlin, Ray Wise.



Finally, I’m adding a movie that I actually saw around the beginning of November, but it’s another small one that you might not catch, so here you go. The Israeli film “Rabies” (Kalevet) actually has nothing to do with that affliction – it’s about different folks whose paths converge at a nature reserve. What I found interesting about this one is that most of these people are normal folks just going about their day – but in the course of different events, many characters change and surprise even themselves.

Any thoughts about these movies or other horror-themed matters, let me know! And I promise I won’t bring up any horror-tinged matters for a while…



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2 responses to “Horror Movies Coda: Films You May Not Have Heard Of (But Are Good Nonetheless)

  1. Ooh –Lovely Molly is freaking me out just reading about it. Totally intrigued by Midnight Son –I want to see it!

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